RMS Beauty’s Un Cover Up in 66, 77, 88 Review + Swatches

RMS Beauty’s “Un” Cover Up is a concealer I tried very early on in my switch to natural makeup years ago. It’s also another one of the concealers I used on a daily basis that was way too light for my liking now. This was when the darkest shade they had at the time was #44.  I was all like… yes I’m totally highlighting my under-eye area. This is how it’s done! While at the same time attempting to tone the brightness down with tinted setting powders cause um… NO. Thankfully, the brand has expanded their shade range since then and this is pretty exciting because I am so glad that we are getting past a time where the darkest shade available is only suitable for someone with light olive… View Post

RMS Beauty’s Pressed Blush in Crushed Rose Review + Swatches

I don’t know… I never really liked blush.  My makeup routine consisted of foundation or concealer, setting powder, brows, mascara, bronzer, and maybe a little highlighter if I’m feeling extra fancy but blush, never. And then I slowly came around to cream blushes because they appeared much more natural to me than the pretty scary images that popped into my head of clown-like application of really bright red blush. I have always associated clown makeup with blush for some reason so I had swore off blush but cream blushes were a nice and easy introduction for me. I’m not going to lie though… I had slight anxiety choosing between Crushed Rose and Lost Angel because I didn’t want something too bright. I prefer a blush that mimics the natural flush… View Post

Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation in Perfection & Flawless Review + Swatches

I tried Kjaer Weis’ foundation when it first debuted around 2013 when the darkest shade they offered at the time was Velvety. Velvety is described as a shade “created for medium dark to dark skin with golden or olive undertones”. Translation: Too light for me. But at the time I was into using shades that were way lighter than I am to highlight underneath my eyes when the highlighting and contouring craze was everywhere. But I’m completely over that now and am now into a more natural skin-like finish. So, naturally I gravitate towards foundations and concealers that match my skin tone, so I’m really glad that Kjaer Weis has extended their shade range and I hope they continue to do so in the near future. Kjaer Weis’ Cream Foundation… View Post

RMS Beauty’s Madeira Bronzer Review, Photos, Swatches

I have to say that I have been quite impressed with the variety of new launches in green beauty lately. Especially for the product mentioned in this post because RMS Beauty is a tried and true brand for me that I encountered very early on in my quest to green my beauty routine circa 2012. I remember how much everyone swooned over RMS’ cream products in the past, more specifically their Living Luminizer that can be found in just about every makeup kit on the planet whether you’re all in with green beauty or not. Their Living Luminizer is said to provide the most natural, yet vibrant lit-from- within glow, so let’s just say RMS Beauty has been known to truly bring it when it comes to highlighting products. And… View Post

ILIA Beauty True Skin Priming Serum Review, Photos

Primers… I used to think they weren’t truly necessary until recently. In the past I’ve used primers that were just another step in my makeup routine and not much else. Primers that promised to keep makeup from melting off or disappearing after a full day of wear. Or even primers that promised to perform like facial fillers without the in-office visit or hefty price. All this to say that I gave up on them and then my skin type changed… I went from being desert dry to now being a slick mess within mere hours of applying makeup. I had finally gotten used to the dry skin I had for most of my life, then had to overhaul my entire skin and makeup routine by swapping out all of the… View Post